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Below is a wide selection of the most common questions regarding transporting cars. If you have any further doubts, please let us know. Do not hesitate en contacting us

How can I confirm service?

First, please fill in the application form here. After we receive we will quickly send you our best offer along with the transport order to confirm your agreement. In case of your confirmation, we will need the transport order with all details emailed back to us.

What is the payment method?

The payment methods accepted are advance bank transfers. Our bank account details w ill be provided directly in the invoice after receiving the OT.

Is the insurance included in the rate indicated?

You can be assured that the car is insured during the whole process of the transport. If the car is new, we provide an all-risk insurance. If the car is used, we apply an insurance of general CMR conditions which includes a whole coverage of the real market value of the car in the case overturning, fire or the robbery of the truck carrying the cars. Not included for used cars: blows, scratches, missing parts, etc (from normal use).

After sending the transport order and making the payment, when will I receive the car?

If the transport is a national transport inside Spain, the transit time is around 7-8 days, to Canary Islands and Balearic Islands; transit time is around 10 days. For Europe, it will take between 12-14 days depending on the origin and destination.

How much far ahead of time will i know when the car needs to be picked up?

Normally we will inform you the same day, a few hours before the pickup. If you would prefer to be informed before, kindly indicate this in the transport order and we shall confirm it

Can I indicate the date and time of collection?

Normally the rate we indicate is for car grouping, and thus it will be a little complicated to adjust to an exact date anmd time of collection. However, we provide two options that may help in organizing the pickup:

  • You can deliver the car to one of our compounds whenever you wish during working hours.
  • You can also try our Express service, that is designed for private clients and single cars, where we organize another type of transportation with a small truck (that can access a given address) to pick up the car at the time that suits you

Can I leave personal belongings inside the car?

No, the car should be transported empty.

How can I know the state of the transport?

Kindly contact usand we will provide you with all the details of the status of your transport

Should I leave the car in one of your compounds?

Normally we can pick up your car from any point indicated (when is possible to enter trucks of 20 Ton.)

However, if you prefer you can leave your car at one of our compouds

All compound are secured 24/7.


My car doesn’t have any insurance coverage. Can i still transport it?

Yes sure, we can do it.

Will I be responsible for loading and unloading the car inside the truck?

No, the driver is responsible for doing that

Will the driver give me any document indicating that the car has been collected?

Yes, the driver will give you a pick up receipt once the car is picked up and a delivery receipt once it is delivered.

I am not the owner of the car, can I be the contact person who delivers / receives the car?

Yes, the contact person indicated in the transport order will be the person authorized to deliver/ receive the car.

How long in advance can you notify the delivery?

Normally we will inform you the same day, a few hours before the pickup. If you would prefer to be informed before, kindly indicate this in the transport order and we shall confirm it

My car does not work; may I transport it with AEC Logistics?

The rates indicated are for cars that function correctly. In the case that a car has problems (all we need is that the car can start and be loaded /unloaded in the truck), kindly contact us and will we give you our best rate