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Super Cars European Tour 2011

AEC Logistics was responsible for transporting 32 exclusive cars in 2011 from Barcelona to Frankfurt.

It’s a very high risk event that allowed us to show our dedication to perfection, studying every small detail and insuring that the whole transport process went smoothly. We planned every movement regarding the trucks, where they should spend the night, which routes to take, and the transit time. We were watching the trucks 24hrs a day to insure that all went as planned.

Super Cars European Tour 2012

AEC Logistics was also responsible for transporting the cars for the 2012 European Tour from Barcelona to Munich. A total number of 35 luxury cars were transported.


Luxury car transport – By plane

We also transport classic cars and luxury cars between any two countries by plane. We take care of every single detail from the pickup of the car to the reception, including the customs duty, reservation, insurance and export process.